Crowd Control

Our Crowd Controllers monitor crowds in a licensed venue, function or other celebration (18th, 21st, 40th, 80th), check Identification and intoxication levels at the point of entry and refuse entry if underage, intoxicated or for anti-social behaviour. This ensures the venue is safe and patrons are able to enjoy the experience at the venue. All crowd controllers at Albany M&C Security Services have Crowd Controllers Licenses and are further trained to be able to handle any situation by Mikey who has over 20 years’ experience in Crowd Control.

Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrols team visit businesses, schools, car yards, private homes and anywhere else that needs us to visit up to 5 times per night and/or day. They patrol the buildings checking doors, windows, gates, vehicles and anything else that requires checking thoroughly. Our guards are extremely proactive and notice when something is out of place, they take photos and send these to our office daily, which we forward to clients as required.

We also offer staff escorts, closing and opening of premises and late check in's at accommodation facilities. You specify what you would like us to do. We will do a job description for each business or premises we patrol which our guards have on hand to determine they are covering all requirements. We keep your business safe.

We also patrol residential Estates regularly to ensure homes and families are safe and secure, along with the new building that is going up at a rapid rate. 

Alarm Callouts

Our guards have a rapid response, within 10 minutes to an Alarm Response/Callout, which occurs when a business or private home has an alarm activated. An alarm monitoring company will be notified when the alarm goes off, they will ring Albany M&C Security Services. Our licensed security guards will check the perimeter and doors and windows in case of a break in. If there is a break in, they will call the police and owner of the establishment if required and will fill out an incident record to be left at premises. Our guards will stay on site until the establishment is secure.

Cash in Transit

Albany M&C Security Services have licensed guards who will come to your place of business and secure your money in locked bags or tubs with numbered tags that are signed off by yourself and the bank when deposited.

For events we also provide a pickup of your float from the bank, delivery to your venue and regular clearance of your bars, gates and other cash collection areas, providing change as required. We then deposit your proceeds in the bank. This can be tailored to your needs, with all or some of these services available.

Static Guards

Our Static Guards monitor businesses, schools, shopping centres, building sites and anywhere else where a security presence is required, they are all licensed appropriately and are guided and trained by Mikey. Guards will patrol and monitor the premises regularly, make notes and take photos of anything out of place. We are also able to open and close facilities as required and provide vehicle and bag checks. Weekly reports are available upon request.

Home Patrols

Going away on holidays? A long hospital stay? Unattended residence? Albany M&C Security offers a very cost effective home patrol service. We will visit your premises at least twice a day and ensure nothing is out of place and everything remains secure during your absence. Our guards will check doors, bring in mail and put out bins if required, all to ensure your peace of mind and keep your home safe.

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